The "Z" Brothers Say Good or Bad (Hopefully Good) You Can Always "Blame It On The Altitude" (BIOTA)... They do :-)

The "Z" Brothers (Michael & David), Founders of "Blame It On The Altitude" Products, first came to Telluride, Colorado in the Summer of 1976. Telluride is a Historic mining town, nestled in the San Juan Mountains of Colorado, at an elevation of 8750’. For you folks that have never had the opportunity to spend time in the Mountains :-( this is far above the smog level that you will find in most cities…

For 20 years, the "Z" Brothers had a unique “Office/Club” on Main Street Telluride, the Club was called "BIOTA" (acronym for Blame It On The Altitude). During this time period, the “Z” Brothers sold their extremely rare and popular "Blame It On The Altitude" T-Shirts in their typical sophisticated manner…. by hanging the T-Shirts on a hanger in the front window of their “Office/Club” location.

Since moving out of their location several years ago,  :-(  folks keep coming up to the "Z" Brothers on the streets of Telluride, asking them where they can get "Blame It On The Altitude" T-Shirts. They explain that their T-Shirt was eaten by their dog, their ex-wife/husband got it in the divorce settlement, etc...

Thankfully, we can now report that the "Z" Brothers have finally caught up with the latest advancements in e-commerce (what does the e stand for?), and have proudly introduced:  This altitude sensitive site not only has products from their hometown of Telluride, but several other hidden away high altitude Colorado locations.

It is their goal, as the demand develops for products from different Altitude locations, High (Chamonix) or Low (St. Barts), exciting new products will be added to

Remember, the “Z” Brothers say: “When at altitude, you can always Blame It On The Altitude". So please visit our Blog often, and spread the word to your friends, family, dogs, cats, etc. to blog us about their favorite "G Rated” High or Low Altitude stories, from around our Special Planet... 








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